Mid-Atlantic Developer Conference

We are designing a technology conference designed to bring all of the region’s developers together to learn from each other — The Mid-Atlantic Developer Conference!

There are many conferences for computer developers in the Mid-Atlantic region, but most of them are highly focused. Javascript, PHP, Ruby, Security, and iOS development to name a few. But few programmers only work in one technology these days, and what happens if your current language or platform is not in the above list?

We are working to fix that by creating a larger scope conference to include everyone. This polyglot conference will be designed to appeal to all developers from the region and will be on the topics that you want to hear. (Not only because we will rely on talk submissions from the area, but also will survey user groups for feedback)

We hope that you’ll join us for the inaugural event in 2018 — We don’t know when it will be yet, but it’s going to be amazing!