Meet the Team

The team behind One for All Events has extensive experience in running conferences, instructional/curriculum development, education, and web technology.  We are ready to bring our expertise to your event today!

Heather White, President

Heather began her career as a biologist but found that her real passion was in helping others learn. She returned to school to get her Master’s Degree in Instructional Development, and spent many years as a school teacher while helping other teachers craft their instructional plans. Eventually, she found herself combining both of her fields and working as a project manager for medical research programs being funded by the U.S. Army. Later on, she joined the team at php[architect] to help with their Online Training program development in addition to taking over management of their Customer Service department. It was there she found her passion for creating unique events for the Web Development communities while ensuring that everything resonated in such a way to ensure maximum retention by the attendees.

Eli White

Eli White, Vice President

Eli fell in love with computers in the early 80’s and was quickly programming games for his TI-99/4a. He went to college to study Computer Science, and afterwards followed a career path through many different industries; ranging from government, academic, to corporate. During his career, he spent time at Zend Technologies as their community evangelist and ran their annual ZendCon conference for them. Later he helped co-found, the company behind the php[architect] brand, where he organized & ran up to 3 large conferences a year. He is passionate not only about computer programming but about enabling the continual education that is needed by the industry, as well as creating unique one-of-a-kind events that leave attendees inspired.